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Due to the weather I have not been able to get in to school today Monday 7th I will be in on Thursday the 10th. 8.30 until 2.

Updated 07/04/2008

Welcome to Mr. Glover's help pages on the internet. I work at St. Bede's RC School Peterlee and have provided these pages for pupils taking a GCSE in Graphic Products. I do not admit to providing all of the information required at this time but, as my pupils needs unfold I will adjust this site accordingly.

Throughout this site I will help guide you through your project work. Remember if there is any information missing please point that out to me by emailing me@

*Please note that these are only help pages and are not intended to change your own teachers views. If you are a teacher and would like some input to the contents of this site please email me at the address below.
Remember be creative and work hard!

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