Design Situation (Problem or Need)

Example: My client runs a large record distribution organisation. He has now decided to expand the organisation by placing shops in every town and city in the country. He recognises the need to have a new corporate identity for the general public. He would like it to be easily recognisable and have accompanying literature or promotional items. He aims his products at a variety of age ranges and through my research he would like to target the majority of the record buying public.

The design situation should help you to identify the problem that requires solving. The design situation should be backed up with evidence of the need. In the project outlines given it is assumed that you have a need that requires satisfying.

You have already started looking at this by the creation of the two previous brainstorms that can be adapted to your possible product (s).

From the brainstorms you should be able to:

  • Identify a range of things that you will need to consider and research.
  • Focus on several of the possible corporate products that you may wish to prototype.

*Note: In a company environment the above will give you a chance to discuss further the requirements with the client. For the project it helps you focus on the actual products you will research then eventually make.

Advice: The design situation identifies the problem and helps you develop the Design Brief.

The Design Brief: The design brief tells the reader what you will be doing.  The design brief at this stage does not have to include the final product but should identify the end user/ market including any special requirements environmental issues etc...

Example: Design and make a new range of corporate identity products that will help promote a new music distributor in the high street. The target market is to be?

 For the highest marks you must provide a

  • Detailed description of the situation/ need and the user/ users leading to a clear and precise design brief of a marketable product (s)

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