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250+ Slow Cooker Recipes

This 100+ page eBook offers you over 250 recipes you can make in your crockpot.



100+ Bread machine recipes!

Are you getting the full benefit from your Bread Machine?




Pizza Recipes

Get started cooking Pizzas with these easy to follow recipes.



Chinese Recipes

Want to find out how to make your favourite Chinese dishes?




100s of barbecue recipes!

This is an excellent eBook that is a must for anyone who loves a barbecue.



100+ cocktail recipes!

Fabulous collection of eight eBooks crammed with over 100 brilliant recipes for the best cocktails on earth!




Over 1000 low carb diet recipes!

This eBook provides you with an extensive range of recipes to be used in conjunction with the Dr Atkins Diet.



504 Bath & Beauty Recipes

Beautiful soaps and salts, conditioners, scrubs, masks, oil blends and toxin eliminators!!