Questionnaires are used as market research. They are used to make sure that you know what the majority of people would prefer if it was available.

They should help you to decide on what constraints you will have when designing your product. This is to make sure that it will be a marketable product when completed.

Your questionnaire should firstly help you to find a target group (if you do not already have one) then, target that specific group to obtain your information.


General questions;

  • age group, gender etc…

Specific questions relating to end products/ corporate Ids etc… (The questions should be specific to your chosen project)
  • Would you know a company that uses a tick as its logo?
  • Do you know the McDonalds logo?
  • What "a day makes you work rest and play"?

The above are just very simple examples for corporate identity logos. They should help you develop an understanding and an awareness of major corporate logos.
Remember be specific on your chosen project area.

Other questions can and should relate to colour and you should provide some information on the colour wheel and colour psychology in marketing products (specifically your chosen graphic product).

Other information that can add to your research.
  • Could you get expert help for your project. Writing to companies or friends of the family who are able to help develop your product or even test it.

From your research you should be able to produce charts and graphs to backup your findings. These findings should have an overall conclusion that will help you produce your detailed product design specification.
For more  information of research see Design and Make it Graphic Products pages 8-9

Initial Specification

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