Research: Research into the design brief should result in Product design Specifications (PDS). If you are producing a range of products each one should have its own specification.
Note: do not attempt more than you can handle!

As stated you should look back at your early brainstorms
ISR to decide exactly what information you need.

Example: Corporate Logo


  • who is the user (s) going to be? What will be your target age range (questionnaires will help with this) e.g. If you end up targeting children as your user (age range) what type of logo would attract them. Think of the Disney logo, McDonalds etc… Why would these attract children?

  • what will the product do? I.e. Make the company easily recognisable. Promote company image. If it was a business card what would its function be?

Manufacturing Methods:
  • How would you make it? Could you make it in school? How would I make batches of 50 in school? How would it be made in industry? What printing methods would be used? Etc….

  • What will be the overall cost for manufacture be? Will it be feasible due to the cost? Can I afford to manufacture it if the school does not have the materials? Etc….

Production methods
  • Look briefly at production methods and the use of jigs and formers to manufacture a batch of 50 in school. Kenton pupils must be able to show how they would manufacture 50 in a classroom environment.

Initial Specification

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