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Research: Pupils sometimes make the mistake of obtaining research that has no relationship or relevance to their project. To be successful in this area you need to make all research relevant, is there any point knowing the amount of times the musical group goes on tour with the instruments. Would it not be better to find out if they would only use the device while practicing rather than for shows.. On the other hand collecting information on similar products to the one you will produce is valuable if used correctly.

There are many sources available for research and you will be expected to use a range of these. Research can be found:

  • From the internet (such as this site)
  • On CD ROMs
  • In libraries (Text books, journals etc)
  • In shops, also their catalogues and brochures.
  • Users of similar products I.e. market research.
  • By producing models.

These are just a few, remember to identify all sources of research, if it is a book state the  Author, Year of the book, Title and the page numbers where information was gained. If a website the website address (URL).

When analysing your research make sure you write down what you have learned from the research, even if it is just stating something you already knew. From your research you will be able to produce an Initial specification.

Some of the research that will be required for successful project completion is listed:
  • User needs, what does the user want? What will the best colours be for promoting my product? Use graphs and summarise your findings. Extra help can be found using the Text Design and Make it Electronic Products p.
  • Existing products, look at existing to help inspire you design yours.
  • Materials & Components, availability, characteristics and cost.
  • Manufacturing techniques, how would you make it (one off prototype), batch produce and mass produce your product?
  • Safety and others research items that you should have identified  in your ISR.

 Initial Specification


Please note this project guide and the others available at www.gglover.co.uk should be used in conjunction with your own teacher advice and exam board requirements. If in doubt ask your teacher!