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Example of an ISR for an electronic timer

Electronic Products


I.S.R For CRT electronic timing device.

The User s:-
CRT Fitness ? Boxing Trainers 
The Trainee (Adult)
The Trainee ( Child)  10 years or above

The Consultation /s :-
Fitness Trainer
The Trainee

The Safety :- For the user / users
Power Supply  9 volt battery           
Adults   Shocks off Electric components. Sharp edges of product.
Children  As above plus the chance of small parts being removed and swallowed or exposing internal components.

The Aesthetics or Product Appearance :-
  Colour: Bright
Size   Small to suit components and cost.
Shape   As preferred
Switches or Buttons Reset and ON/off.

Quality and Reliability of the product :-
Material (Plastic)  Is it strong and durable enough for the product.
Material (electronics) Cheap and reliable

Performance :-
Inside   Will the electronics perform the task required of them.
Outside   Will the product casing perform to the required standard.
Switches and buttons Will switches and buttons work for the duration of the other components.
Audible Alerts  Will speakers or buzzers perform as required.

Materials :-
Plastics   Polystyrene.
Electronics  Correct use of components and calculations to ensure performance.

Manufacturing Methods:-
Market Product
Injection Moulding; How will it incorporate the internal components. How will any  surface mounted components be incorporated into the product.
Prototype  As above
Testing :-
The user   Testing will be done by the user .
Feedback  Advantages and disadvantages of the product.


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