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ISR: Initial Statement of Requirement.

Electronic Products





Initial Statement of Requirement (ISR)

When you have decided on the brief and the type of product you will make, you need to look again at your spider diagram (see p4). This spider diagram (or Initial Statement of requirement  [ISR]) will be used to help guide you through your areas of research (Assessment objective 2).

Spider diagram 

Using a spider diagram helps you further consider the project needs, or an Initial statement of your requirements. When you have produced your ISR you can type it up then change parts as your project develops (see next page example).

The diagram gives an example of things that you have to consider, you will also need to consider your own project needs and include those. Expand on each of the areas considered.

Assessment objectives example with the Portable Metronome You should:

Research into the design brief that results in a specification. (Don't worry I will explain the text below in a easier way throughout the site)

  • show a clear identification of the function of the musical timing device (or what ever you are making), listing the areas of consideration.
  • Survey and analysis of where, how and under what circumstances the product is to be used.
  • You should collect and analyse information about existing products and how they solve the problem
  • Write a specification that lists the design requirements of the intended product including the capability to manufacture in quantity.



Please note this project guide and the others available at www.gglover.co.uk should be used in conjunction with your own teacher advice and exam board requirements. If in doubt ask your teacher!