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Design Situation - Design Brief

Electronic Products

Design Situation (Problem or Need)



You are required to identify a need for your product leading to a design brief. This falls under the first marked criteria of the course. OCR example of a Portable Metronome(2000 p43) say you should:

  • Evaluate the real need for keeping time when playing in a small musical group- you can do this by using text, drawings or photographs.

Asking people who play in a small group is good, and it is useful research, use questionnaires, photographs of the group working together could be a start. The group can also be used again later when designing and testing the product.

  • You would also need to consider the type of music and instruments that would be played by the possible users of your product (this could affect the output of your device, how loud it is etc...).

And finally for this part:

  • A clear statement of the situation/ need or problem identified and what you intend to design and make.

Ex. Design Situation. Through research I have found that small musical groups such as (Name) see photograph (that you have taken) have a problem when playing music together. They sometimes start at slightly different times and find it hard to keep together in the early stages of rehearsals. At present they try to combat this problem with the leader counting or the drummer banging his sticks together, but this is not very accurate. They would like me to come up with some electronic solution to this problem.

Advice: The design situation identifies the problem and helps you develop the Design Brief.

Design Brief. Design and Make a metronome that can help solve the problem identified above. They would like the metronome to be electronic device that they can take around different places with them (Portable). It will need to be in a sturdy container with easy access to the power supply.

For the highest marks you just provide a
  • Detailed description of the situation/ need and the user/ users leading to a clear and precise design brief of a marketable product.





Please note this project guide and the others available at www.gglover.co.uk should be used in conjunction with your own teacher advice and exam board requirements. If in doubt ask your teacher!