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Cutting & Component Lists

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Cutting list and components lists are used to help you plan for and order materials required, they also help in working out the best use of materials available. Components lists can be generated easily in PCB wizard through the Bill of Materials function.

Example cutting list.

Part. No. Width Length Thickness Material
1 2 of 125mm 175mm 9mm Ply.
2 1 ..... ...... ...... .....
Part: can be a name or a number that you have allocated to a particular part of your design.

No. (how many) I need a top and bottom, both the same size so that would be 2.

Width. Normally the shortest of the sides.

Length. The longest side.

Thickness. the last remaining dimension.

Material. What the part is to be made of, could be woods, plastics or metals.

Example Bill of Materials like that produced in PCB wizard.
Name Unit Cost Quantity Total
0.1" Red LED




100K Preset








    Total ()


Costs can be accurately worked out for parts and materials not quite as easy when you are making. It is essential that you use your time wisely and try to plan each of the steps in the manufacturing processes. It is also a very good idea to give alternative job for you to do if for some reason you can not do the task you had planned to do.

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