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Example of Exploded 3D view of final design

Electronic Products





The picture below shows an exploded view of J Steele's final design for a dark room warning light. She shows how each of the parts go together and the location of the circuit and batteries.


Her design work explained how she was going to manufacture both the circuit and the casing and she gives valid reasons for choosing this product and circuit. Her picture not only shows what it will look like but also shows her design communication skills. Through pictures and text.

Her schematic view of the circuit is simulated and tested using crocodile clips and PCB layout is produced on PCB Wizard.


She also includes things such as bills of materials and components to help with costing of the product, which in turn helps her decide on the final cost. This is vital to know whether the product will be marketable and whether or not she could afford to manufacture 50 in school.

Cutting Lists and Step by Step plans

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